"Navigating the waters in this $24 billion global industry can best done with the help of an experienced expert."
-- Sue Schneider   

As an industry expert since 1995, Schneider has long provided consulting services to those looking to make an entry into the i-gaming market. In a short period of time, she can best assist you determine how you can move forward, making your mark on this burgeoning industry. Schneider will help with finding good potential partners and, perhaps more importantly, let you know who may not be a good match.

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Given Schneider's expertise in monitoring the i-gaming industry, she's well-suited to assisting companies in researching how they can best exploit their competitive advantages in the marketplace. She works with a number of partner companies to offer specific industry and/or consumer research services. Over the years, she's overseen a number of both syndicated and custom research projects for companies, large and small, in the i-gaming industry.
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